Latin Jazz Quintet Eh’ Neeky (and new album)

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—Energy-Packed Quintet featuring Musicians from 3 Continents—

Eh ‘Neeky! (Adj., colloquial) \ äh-nii-ki \ :
The sound of someone whispering to their friend, while both surprised and impressed “it’s sneaky!”

Fusing fierce Latin rhythms with Jazz harmonies, this new melodic and rhythmic collective, Eh ‘Neeky! is full of surprises. The quintet presents the very best in instrumental Latin music, from a group of internationally recognized musicians deeply entrenched in the global Jazz and Latin Music scenes of today. Their first album, containing almost exclusively original compositions, was released summer 2016. The band was born under the star of travel, when recently four of the members coincidentally relocated at the same time to Cologne, Germany, bringing their musical stories from New York City, Rotterdam and Berlin.

Andy Hunter – Trombone
Thomas Böttcher – Piano
Juan Camilo Villa – Bass
Sebastian Nickoll – Congas
Daniel Hahnfeld – Timbales

Link coming soon for direct purchase of the CD from the artist. Meanwhile, you can get the digital album through BandCamp or iTunes:

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