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…some critical praise for Andy Hunter:

“This is one of those rare gems that is worth putting on “loop” to play repeatedly. It is difficult to say which aspect of this CD is more impressive, the remarkable compositions or the impeccable playing and empathetic interplay. Either way, this is music making at its absolute highest level.
International Trombone Association Journal, Think Like a Mountain review by Richard Birk, 2014.

“Hunter brings superior arranging skills to bear on this rollicking sextet performance. Hunter’s tribe executes his clever arrangements and rich voicings with a gleeful sense of full body immersion. Hunter, trumpeter Alex Sipiagin and baritone saxophonist Jason Marshall play like separate fingers from the same hand.”
Downbeat, Think Like a Mountain review by Ken Micallef, 2013.

“Think Like A Mountain makes it easy to understand why Hunter is such a hot commodity in big bands—and so undervalued as a standalone artist.”
All About Jazz, Think Like a Mountain review by Dan Bilowski, 2013.

“Some recordings will tell you a story, if you just listen closely enough, and that’s what trombonist Andy Hunter’s new sextet CD does. This deep and eloquent musical experience blends originals and standards in a way that will stimulate imagination and encourage introspection in attentive listeners.”
Just Jazz, Think Like a Mountain review by Bob Bernotas, 2013.

“Hunter coaxes multiple instruments out of his trombone—the purity of a trumpet… the intrinsic longing of a French horn… and even the blatt of a tuba, but that’s all gravy next to Hunter’s overall solo construction, which should win prizes for architecture.”
All About Jazz, SPOKE CD review by J. Hunter, 2009.

“I just want to tell you to keep your ears out for Andrew Hunter, a very dynamic, soulful player who radiates a lot of personality on stage.”
All About Jazz, Thelonious Monk Competition review by Bob Jacobson, 2003.


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