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Other Albums from Andy Hunter
Think Like a Mountain

SPOKE, formed in Brooklyn NY in 2005 is a band with a unique identity chiseled out of years of playing together. Borrowing beyond their original material and classic jazz from the best of the rock and popular music tradition, SPOKE breaks the model of bands led by a lone soloist/composer and a supporting group by operating as collectively led, collectively fed and collectively spinning wheel of sound. The band uses their acoustic, chamber jazz quartet format to explore a wide range of musical influences from jazz to salsa to contemporary classical music.

The band has thrilled audiences across the globe from the Wangaratta Jazz Festival to The Macao Jazz Festival, through seven countries in Europe and throughout the US and Canada. Their 3 albums as a band have been met with great reviews, and their pending project Forest of Horns, which teams the quartet with a brass quintet to make the SPOKE octet promises to make waves.

For more about SPOKE, visit: www.thisisspoke.com

SPOKE Live in St. Louis

The Confluence Project
Eh’ Neeky
WDR Big Band

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